Abel Is Abel




Join young Abel in this delightful and imaginative journey through the realms of dreams and reality. Abel is a spirited little boy who knows just about everything from where his nose is to the location of his navel. But it’s when he gets hungry, or tired, that the real adventures begin! With his tummy rumbling, Abel enjoys his mom’s yummy baked treats, but it’s in his dreams that the magic truly unfolds.

From dinosaurs soaring in the skies to race-driving puppies and swashbuckling flies, Abel’s dream world is a vibrant tapestry of the whimsical and the wonderful. Each nap takes him on fantastical adventures, filled with striped beetles, balloons, and blue cats, showcasing the limitless creativity of a child’s imagination.

Upon awakening with a yawn and a twirl, Abel recounts his thrilling escapades to his loving parents. Their amazed reactions confirm what they’ve always known: their Abel truly IS able! This enchanting tale, perfect for bedtime or anytime, is a tribute to the infinite possibilities of the mind and the joy of youthful wonder. Ideal for children aged 3 to 7, “Abel is Able” inspires little readers to explore their own imaginations and believe in themselves, one dream at a time.


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